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Tender Loving Care Curriculum

TLC uses an educational curriculum that provides a stable, lasting foundation for later learning in Kindergarten and beyond. TLC lessons are all based on a Core Knowledge Preschool Program. This program is scientifically based on how young children learn best. Every trimester an assessment is offered to our parents on their child's progress. TLC’s Core Knowledge curriculum builds on the child’s current skills, going from concrete to more abstract.Our well-trained teachers understand that they must start "where each child is" and then move forward with each child in the achievement of the goals. The teachers provide challenging, but not frustrating, learning experiences for the children.

Core Knowledge covers skills in the following areas:

  • Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
  • Social and Emotional Enhancement
  • Approaches To Learning (Self-Help Skills)
  • Language
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Cognitive Development
  • Artistic Expression and Creativity

At TLC the children may watch caterpillars turn into butterflies, follow a recipe for mud pies, listen to many stories, play hopscotch outside, read sight words, find shapes in the classroom or write a simple sentence. The experiences and challenges are endless! Click Here to view a sample lesson plan and our daily schedule!

Tender Loving Care provides preschool, childcare and daycare services in Tracy California - TLC Curriculum

Tender Loving Care - Day Care in Tracy California